Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Annaghmore (Nymphsfield)

Townland Annaghmore
Civil Parish Kilvarnet
PLU Tobercurry
DED Annagh 70
County Sligo
Barony Leyny
Description Annaghmore has been the principal seat of the O'Haras since medieval times. An earlier house on the site had been demolished by 1684. It's successor was replaced by the present house c.1820. That house was known in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century as Nymphsfield and is described by McParlan in 1802. In 1786 Wilson refers to Nymphsfield as the pleasant seat of Mr. O'Hara. The name of the house was changed back from Nymphsfield to Annaghmore in the early 19th century and the house was further enlarged. In 1894 it was the seat of Capt. Charles K. O'Hara. In 1906 the house was valued at £68. Annaghmore is still extant and occupied by the O'Hara family.
Annaghmore House
Annaghmore Stable block (Buildings of Ireland)

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