Landed Estates
NUI Galway


Townland Willsgrove
Civil Parish Ballintober
PLU Castlerea
DED Ballintober 60
County Roscommon
Barony Castlereagh
Description William W.R. Sandford's estate was the lessor of two properties at Willsgrove, barony of Castlereagh, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. One, valued at £10, was vacant while the second was leased to Anne Glancey together with 260 acres. In 1837 Lewis records Willsgrove as the seat of W.R. Wills. In 1786, Wilson refers to Willsgrove as the seat of Thomas Wills, "a large and fine house". The 1749 Census of Elphin records that Godfrey Wills was resident at Willsgrove. In 1783 Taylor and Skinner note Willsgrove as a seat of the Wills family. It is described as "in ruins" on the 25-inch Ordnance Survey map of the 1890s.

Property Location