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Ffrench (Cloghballymore)


Name Description
de Basterot Fahey states that Frances, daughter of James French of Duras/Doorus, married a French gentleman, Bartholomew de Basterot, and subsequently their descendents held lands in Doorus and resided in Doorus Park. ? Basterot is listed as a resident proprietor in 1824. James de Basterot is recorded as the proprietor of townlands in the parish of Duras, barony of Kiltartan, in the 1830s. In 1814 B. Basterot is recorded as residing at Neptune Vale, in the same area. Bartholomew Comte de Basterot (1800-1887) was the son of Jacques de Basterot and his wife Adelaide O'Brien. His grandmother was a Ffrench of Cloghballymore. He married Pauline, daughter of Florimond de Fay, Marquis de Latour Maubourg. In the 1870s Count de Basterot owned over 350 acres in county Galway.
Ffrench (Cloghballymore) The Ffrench family were granted the Kilkelly estate at Cloghballymore, parish of Killeenavarra, in the early 17th century although some accounts suggest they did not take possession of it until the 1650s. Fahey suggests that Roebuck French was the founder of this family. By 1708 the family had come to possess estates in the parish of Kinvara as well as Cloghballymore and adjoining districts in the parish of Ardrahan. The estate passed to the Lynch family though the marriage of Surna Ffrench and Marcus Lynch in 1767.