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Joyce (Leenaun)


Name Description
Joyce (Gortnarup) Late 18th century leases in the Milford Papers record Roger Joyce of Gortnarup, parish and barony of Ross, county Galway, renting a large amount of the Miller of Milford's estate situated along the coast in the parish of Ballynakill, barony of Ballynahinch, county Galway, which later became the property of the Thomson family. He also leased land in the barony of Ross in the mid 18th century from Sir Ulick Blake of Menlough, county Galway. Roger Joyce of Rupfield was buried in Rosshill cemetery, Clonbur in 17[77].
Joyce (Leenaun) The Joyces of Leenaun, barony of Ross, county Galway, leased large tracts of land in Joyce Country and surrounding locality, from such landowners as the Earls of Leitrim, the Martins of Ballynahinch and the Provost and Fellows of Trinity College, Dublin. The men of the family are described in many contemporary accounts as very tall. The Leenaun Hotel is marked on the first Ordnance Survey map. In the 1870s three members of the Joyce family of Cullaghmore, Leenaun owned 1,179 acres. In June 1927 the ''Tuam Herald'' reported that the Land Commission had taken over the estates of Thomas Walter James B. Joyce and Theobald Paul Joyce amounting to approximately 2,700 acres in the barony of Ross.