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Tulloch John Armstrong, a member of a county Fermanagh family, was living at South Hill, Clifden, county Galway, circa 1840. He was married to Letitia Pratt de Montmorency. This Armstrong family also resided at Graigaverne, county Laois and held land at Ballybeg, barony of Iffa and Offa and Quartercross, barony of Middlethird, county Tipperary, which was advertised for sale in March 1862. In 1881 John Armstrong's youngest son William married Kathleen Lushington of Rodmersham, Kent. When she was left a substanial inheritance by her aunt Mrs Tulloch in 1884 they returned from America where they had been cattle ranching and in 1890 bought Shanboolard Hall and estate. Four years later they bought the former estate of Thomas Prior, 1140 statute acres and Ross House. Most of the estate was sold to the Congested Districts Board in 1921.
Prior The Reverend John Prior and Thomas Young Prior were sons of the Reverend Thomas Prior, Senior Fellow and Vice Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. From the mid 18th century the Priors held a small estate at Crossoge and Lisnasella, parish of Ballycahill, near Thurles, county Tipperary from the Armstrongs of Farney Castle. In 1836 the Reverend John Prior of Mount Dillon, county Dublin, rector of Kirklington, Yorkshire, married Sarah Wandesforde who in 1881 succeeded to the Castlecomer and Kirklington estates of the Wandesforde family and the family became known as Prior Wandesforde. In Griffith's Valuation the Reverend John Prior is recorded as the immediate lessor of two townlands in the parish of Ballycahill. His eldest son Charles Butler Prior lived at Crossogue House, county Tipperary and married in 1866 Dora Phillips of Gaile, county Tipperary. The representatives of Charles B. Prior of Crossoge held 92 acres in the 1870s. Thomas Young Prior, barrister at law, was the youngest son of the Reverend Thomas Prior and in 1843 married at Leamington, Warwickshire, Jane Matilda, daughter of the Reverend Robert Russell of Ashbrook, county Fermanagh (see ''The Illustrated London News'', 30 June 1843). In the second half of the 19th century Thomas Young Prior leased an estate of about 1,000 acres from Robert Graham in the parish of Ballynakill, barony of Ballynahinch, county Galway. His headquarters was at Ross where the Coastguard had previously built a small house and 3 large barns. In the 1870s Thomas Y. Prior owned 1,084 acres in county Galway. Robinson writes that the estate was bought by William Armstrong Lushington Tulloch in 1894. It was later sold by the Tullochs to the Land Commission.
Wandesforde The main Irish estate of the Wandesforde family, later Prior-Wandesforde, was in the Castlecomer area of county Kilkenny. They also had estates in England. The Wandesforde family acquired land in counties Limerick and Clare following the marriage in 1750 of Agnes Elizabeth, daughter of John Southwell of Enniscouch, county Limerick, and John Wandesford 5th Viscount Castlecomer and 1st Earl Wandesforde. This estate was previously Southwell property and was in the barony of Lower Connello, county Limerick and Clonderalaw, county Clare. In 1769 Frances, the only child of the 1st Earl Wandesforde, married John Butler, 7th Earl of Ormonde and their fourth son succeeded to the Wandesforde estates. The Prior Wandesforde Estate Papers in the National Library of Ireland show that the county Clare estates were mainly in the Kilrush and Killadysert localities and included Ballyartney. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the county Clare estate of the Wandesfordes was in the parishes of Kilmurry and Kilmilhil and their county Limerick estate was in the parishes of Nantinan and Rathkeale, barony of Connello Lower, (H. Wandesforde) Cloncagh, barony of Connello Lower and Darragh, barony of Coshlea (C.C.B. Wandesforde). In the 1870s the Honourable C.B. Wandesforde of Mount Juliet, county Kilkenny, owned 6,737 acres in county Clare and Henry T.B. Wandesforde of Palmerstown, county Dublin, owned 4,137 acres in county Limerick.