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John Bennison was son-in-law of Rev. Arthur Ellis who held lands in Drumreilly parish, county Leitrim in the 19th century.


Name Description
Ellis Rev. Arthur Ellis is recorded as leasing land in the parish of Fenagh, county Leitrim, in 1856. The Ellis family had a house at Tankerville, Balbriggan, county Dublin and also held land in counties Cavan and Louth. Rev. Ellis had a shooting lodge at Slievenakilla in the parish of Drumreilly which the family used throughout the 19th century. It was later the property of John Benison, son-in-law of Rev. Ellis. The building is no longer extant. The Ellis estate in county Leitrim amounted to over 3,000 acres in the 19th century.
Bennison Due to a marriage connection the Bennison family, of Slieve Russell, county Cavan, acquired Ellis estates in county Leitrim. In 1876 James Bennison held 275 acres in Leitrim as well as lands in Cavan and Armagh.