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In the late 17th and early 18th centuries three members of the Gonne family served as rectors of the parish of Crossboyne, barony of Clanmorris, county Mayo.


Name Description
Gonne In 1714 Reverend George Gonne succeeded his father as rector of Crossboyne, barony of Clanmorris, county Mayo, and held lands in that vicinity from the Archbishop of Tuam, the Veseys, the Prendergasts and Bells. He lived at Brookhill. His son George married a widow, Margaret O'Malley nee Coghlan, and they had an only daughter, Mary, who married Edward Bell of Streamstown in 1768. The Gonne Bells descend from this couple.
Bell/Gonne Bell In the mid 17th century the Bells were granted the lands of Streamstown, parish of Kilcolman, barony of Clanmorris, county Mayo, for their support of the Royalist cause. A deed of 1716 records three branches of the family located at Streamstown and at Purrauns and Garreens, both in the parish of Kilcommon, barony of Kilmaine. Some of the Bell estate in the barony of Clanmorris was purchased from Lyndon Bell by the Marquess of Sligo in 1766 to provide for his younger sons. In 1768 Edward Bell married Mary Gonne and inherited the Gonne property in county Mayo. Henry Gonne had been given a lease of Brookhill and other lands by the Archbishop of Tuam, dated 30 June 1703. The Gonne Bells were living in Farmhill in the 1830s and Griffith's Valuation records them holding 13 townlands in the parish of Kilcolman and three townlands in the parish of Crossboyne. In 1847 Colonel Arthur Gonne Bell married Mary Martin, heiress to the vast Martin estates in county Galway. In 1876 the estate amounted to 1636 acres in county Mayo.