Landed Estates
NUI Galway

O'Malley (Hawthorn)


Descended from the Belclare branch of the O'Malleys.


Name Description
O'Malley (Hawthorn) The descendants of Charles O'Malley of Belclare, barony of Murrisk, county Mayo, were settled in the Castlebar locality by the mid 18th century, where they leased land from the Cuffs and the Brownes. They also held land in county Galway and had a residence at Prospect, near Eyrecourt. Charles O'Malley and his son, St Clair O'Malley, acted as agents for the Earls of Lucan in the mid nineteenth century. A distinguished diplomat of the 20th century, Sir Owen St Clair O'Malley, was a member of this family. He was married to the novelist Ann Bridge.