Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Gildea The Gildeas were established at Port Royal in county Mayo from early in the 18th century, where they held an estate of church lands in the parish of Ballyovey, barony of Carra. Thomas Fair of Roundfort was agent to James Gildea in the 1830s. From early in the 18th century the Gildeas also leased Cloonnagashel in the parish of Ballinrobe from the Bingham family, Earls of Lucan. In 1865 James Knox Gildea was advertising for sale over 10,000 acres in the barony of Ross, county Galway and in the baronies of Carra, Clanmorris and Kilmaine, county Mayo. Most of the county Galway part of the estate was sold to the Earl of Leitrim. Part of the Portroyal estate was sold to Thomas K. Sullivan of Bandon while the Caher estate was sold to Francis Browne. The following year the Port Royal estate of 5,480 acres was purchased by the National Land and Building Investment Company for £9,000. In the early 19th century the Gildeas moved their main residence from Port Royal to Clooncormick in the parish of Kilcommon, barony of Kilmaine. In the 1870s Anthony Knox Gildea of Clooncormick owned 1,635 acres in county Mayo.
National Building and Land Investment Company of Ireland (Limited) This company bought the Port Royal estate of the Gildea family in the parish of Ballyovey, barony of Carra, county Mayo. In 1876 they owned 5179 acres in county Mayo. They sold 6208 acres to the Congested Districts' Board on 10 Mar 1898.
Clements & Caulfeild The Rosshill estate in the parishes of Ross, Cong and Ballinchalla, barony of Ross, county Galway, was inherited by the Earls of Leitrim and Charlemont through their marriages with the two heiresses of William Bermingham who died in 1799. The Fair family of Clonbur were for many years agents for the Rosshill estate. Apparently the estate was put up for sale in June 1860 to buy out the Charlemont interest and part of it was sold, mainly to the Guinness family. The remainder stayed in the possession of the Clements' family until the early 20th century. It appears to have been augmented by some purchases from the Landed Estates' Court including the Gildea estate in the parish of Ross in 1865 and in the 1870s the estate amounted to over 18,000 acres. The 3rd Earl of Leitrim left his estate in the barony of Ross to his cousin Colonel Henry Theophilus Clements of Ashfield Lodge, county Cavan and not to his nephew and successor the 4th Earl of Leitrim. By March 1916 Henry J.B. Clements had accepted an offer from the Congested Districts' Board for the purchase of his estate in counties Mayo and Galway.