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Fynn Edward Fynn of Shrule, county Mayo bought the lands of Ballymacgibbon, parish of Cong, barony of Kilmaine, county Mayo, from Colonel John Browne of Westport and his creditors' trustees in September 1699 for £243. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the Fynns held four townlands in the parish of Cong. In 1876 Jane Fynn of Ballymacgibbon owned 620 acres in county Mayo. The mother of Sir William Wilde was a Fynn of Ballymacgibbon. In 1862 Sir William bought part of the Fynn estate, 170 acres of Gortachurra, when it came up for sale in the Landed Estates Court. The Irish Times reported that the sale realised £3460 for the Fynn estate. Wilde built Moytura House on this land. The Fynn family also had an interest in the Chambers' estate at Kilboyne, parish of Ballyhean, barony of Carra, through a marriage between the two families and this was sold by the trustees of John Fynn's will, John Charles Larminie and John Thompson, in 1860.
Chambers William Chambers acted as agent for some of the property owned by Colonel John Browne of Westport, county Mayo, at the end of the 17th century. He bought some of Browne's lands in the first decade of the 18th century, in the Kinturk locality, parish of Ballyhean, barony of Carra and in the barony of Gallen. The Chambers were residing at Kilboyne by the mid 18th century. Their residence Kilboyne appears to have passed to the O'Malleys through marriage. Some evidence suggests that there was litigation following the death of William Chambers and that his estate was divided into 4 moieties for the families of his daughters.
O'Malley (Kilboyne) Burke's Peerage states that Owen O'Malley of Milcum and Burrishoole, county Mayo, married Anne, sister of John Chambers of Kilboyne, in 1763. They had no children but Owen O'Malley's son by his second wife was Sir Samuel O'Malley, who had extensive estates in the baronies of Burrishoole and Carra. He was in serious financial difficulty by the end of the Famine and his estates known as Burren, Ballynew, Kilboyne, Kilmeena, Cahir, Carrowmore and Clare Island in the baronies of Burrishoole, Murrisk and Carra were sold to the Law Life Assurance Society. Sir Samuel O'Malley retained the townland of Cregganbell.
Peyton (Laheen) The estate at Laheen, which had previously been associated with the Reynolds family, came into the Peyton family though the marriage of John Peyton to a daughter of Christopher Reynolds of Laheen in the early 18th century. The Peytons had first acquired land in Leitrim through an earlier marriage with the Reynolds family of Loughscur in the mid-17th century. In 1830 and 1865 members of the Peyton family of Laheen were High Sheriffs of Leitrim. In 1868 George Peyton was offering lands in the parish of Kiltoghert for sale in the Landed Estates' court. He held this property on lease from Richard Reynolds Peyton. A junior branch of the Peytons of Laheen were resident in Castlebar in the 19th century. In 1854 Anthony Joseph French, his wife Anne Jane and members of the Peyton family were advertising for sale in the Encumbered Estates' Court 1509 acres in the baronies of Carra and Gallen, county Mayo. Some of this acreage was in the parish of Ballyhean and appears to have been part of the estate owned by the Chambers of Kilboyne, who were connected to the Peytons through the marriage of Hamilton Peyton and Susanna Chambers in the later 18th century. In Griffith's Valuation the Peytons were the immediate lessors of 3 townlands and Anthony J.French of one townland in the parish of Ballyhean. A house and lands belonging to Anthony French and his wife at Rosbeg, were sold in the Landed Estates Court in November 1866. They were purchased in trust by a Mr. London. In the 1870s Bernard Peyton of Creagh's Villa, Castlebar, owned 1307 acres in county Mayo.
Larminie John C. Larminie held five townlands in the parish of Ballyhean, barony of Carra, county Mayo. These lands were involved in a Chancery suit in the late 1830s possibly concerning the Chambers' estate. John C. Larminie of Spencer Park, Castlebar, married Margaret Letitia, daughter of Daniel Merry of Rockley Park, county Roscommon. In 1895, their son, Alexander Clendining Larminie of Fisher Hill, county Mayo, married Isabella Dodd Morony, daughter of William Morony of Fortlawn, county Mayo. Alexander C. Larminie was agent to the Earls of Lucan in the late 19th century.