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Bourke (Ballynew)


Name Description
Bourke (Ballynew) The Bourkes of Ballynew, parish of Aglish, near Castlebar, county Mayo, held a small townland from Sir Samuel O'Malley of Kilboyne and later from the Law Life Assurance Society. They advertised the sale of their lease in 1860. The Bourkes also held the townland of Carrowjames, parish of Drum, barony of Carra, which they sold in 1851 to Eliza Mary Jones. In 1864 Mrs Jones was advertising Carrowjames for sale again. Some evidence suggests that a branch of the Miller family of Milford, barony of Kilmaine, were resident at Ballynew from the early 18th century and in 1811 Dorothea Miller married Patrick Bourke of Ballynew.