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John William Birch, Governor of the Bank of England, 1879-1881.


Name Description
Birch At the time of Griffith's Valuation William John Birch (sometime written John William Birch) held the salmon fishery in Tallaghan Bay in the parish of Kilcommon, barony of Erris, county Mayo. William John Birch bought 5,829 acres of the O'Donel estate near Ballycroy in the early 1850s and resold it to the Clive family of Herefordshire. However it appears that the Birch family retained an interest in the property as Henry Coulter refers to a county court judge named Birch who held a large farm from Clive of Ballycroy.
Clive (Croy Lodge) By the time of Griffith's Valuation Reverend Archer Clive of Herefordshire, England, had bought some of the lands, previously part of the O'Donel of Newport estate, sold to John William Birch in the Encumbered Estates' Court 1852-1856. Documents in the Westport Estate Papers show Percy Arthur Clive holding 3,891 acres in the parish of Kilcommon, barony of Erris, county Mayo, in the late 19th century as well as the Ballycroy fishery. The estate was sold to the Congested Districts' Board on 28 Mar 1912 for £6,007. This branch of the Clive family also had an estate of 3103 acres in county Louth. A cousin of Percy Arthur Clive, the Honourable George Windsor Clive, grandson of Robert Clive of Indian fame, appears to have held some land in county Mayo in the 1890s, see the Westport Estate Papers MS 41,070/1.
Clive (Rock House) George Clive, Member of Parliament and barrister, of Perrystone Court, Herefordshire, built up an extensive estate of 35,229 acres (1876) in the barony of Erris by purchasing land from the O'Donels, Marquess of Sligo and the Birch family. The final offer by the Congested Districts' Board for the purchase of almost 33,000 acres of the estate had been accepted by March 1916. George Clive of Ballycroy also owned 4,869 acres in county Tipperary [bought by the Clives from the Minchins in the 1770s]. In the mid 19th century the representatives of Henry Clive held an estate in the parishes of Bourney, Corbally, Killavinoge and Rathnaveoge, barony of Ikerrin, county Tipperary. The Clive family were related to the Boltons of Knock, county Louth and to Dr Bolton, Archbishop of Cashel.