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In 1834 a member of the Pratt family of Cabra Castle, Co Cavan, married the Jackson heiress of Enniscoe in the parish of Crossmolina, Co Mayo.


Name Description
Medlycott The Burrishoole estate of approximately 70,000 acres was acquired by Thomas Medlycott, Chief Commissioner of Revenue in Ireland, from Charles Butler, Earl of Arran, and grandson of the 1st Duke of Ormonde, at the turn of the 17th century. Later on in the 18th century the Medlycotts found themselves in financial difficulties and sold the estate to John Browne, 1st Earl of Altamont, on 15 July 1774, who sold it back to the Medlycotts on a lease in perpetuity. This lease was sold by the Medlycotts to Sir Neal O'Donel in 1785. Earlier the Medlycotts had leased the property to "Mr Pratt, Clerk of the Treasury" [John Pratt of Cabra Castle, Co Cavan, Deputy Treasurer, died 1740] but when he got into financial difficulty the estate had reverted to the Medlycotts. The Medlycotts had another estate at Rocket's Castle, county Waterford, where they resided during the 19th century. Reverend John T. Medlicott was among the principal lessors in the parish of Clonagam, barony of Upperthird, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. In the 1870s he owned over 950 acres in county Waterford.
Jackson (Enniscoe) Francis Jackson, a Cromwellian soldier, bought extensive lands in the barony of Tirawley, county Mayo and was granted lands in the parishes of Addergoole, Crossmolina, Moygawnagh and Rathreagh under the Restoration settlements. By the early 18th century the Jacksons were established at Enniscoe. In the 1830s the Jackson estate at Enniscoe passed to the Pratt family through marriage with a Jackson heiress.
Jackson (Fortland) At the time of Griffith's Valuation a junior branch of the Jacksons of Enniscoe had an estate in the parish of Meelick in the barony of Gallen, Co Mayo and held Fortland, parish of Kilfian, barony of Tirawley from the Pratts. In 1876 George Humphrey Jackson of Fortland owned 2695 acres in Co Mayo.
Pratt The Jackson estate at Enniscoe, parish of Crossmolina, barony of Tirawley, county Mayo became the property of the Pratts of Cabra Castle, county Cavan, following the marriage in 1834 of the daugher and heiress of Colonel William Jackson with Mervyn Pratt. In 1876 Mervyn Pratt owned 17,955 acres in county Mayo, 8095 acres in county Cavan and 1014 acres in county Meath. In 1916 the Congested Districts' Board made a final offer of just under £50,000 for the Pratt's county Mayo estate. Enniscoe was inherited by the Nicholson family in the 20th century and the nucleus of the property has remained in the ownership of descendants of the Jacksons for over 300 years.