Landed Estates
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Geraghty (Co Tipperary)


Name Description
Geraghty (Co Tipperary) Edward Geraghty held land in the parish of Modreeny and James Geraghty held land in the parish of Uskane, barony of Lower Ormond, county Tipperary, in the mid 19th century. A head rent out of premises in the town of Thomastown, county Kilkenny and a fee farm rent out of lands at Greenhall and Clonygaheen, barony of Owney and Arra, county Tipperary, the estate of Edward Geraghty and Frances Geraghty, widow, continued in the name of the Reverend James Geraghty, was advertised for sale in June 1868 and on subsequent dates. The 460 acres on which the fee farm rent was due were held by Edward White from Frances Gerahty on a fee farm grant dated 1853. In 1856 Henry Prittie, Lord Dunalley, gave a fee farm grant of the lands of Ballyhasty (279 acres), barony of Lower Ormond, to the Reverend Edward Gerahty. Ballyhasty, the estate of William Martin Abbott, a minor, was advertised for sale in January 1876.