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Gaynor (Ballingarry)


Name Description
Gaynor (Ballingarry) Lucinda Gaynor held land in the parish of Ballingarry, barony of Lower Ormond, county Tipperary, in the mid 19th century. In April 1863 lands at Ballingarry amounting to 410 acres, the estate of beneficiaries under the will of John Gaynor deceased, was advertised for sale. Held under a lease renewable for ever from John Burgess to Edward and John Gaynor dated 1834. The sale was adjourned until 18th June "for want of competition" (see newspaper cutting with sale rental). Refers to members of the Gaynor, Pyke, Rudd, Rogers, Haskett and Fox families. 411 acres at Ballingarry, the estate of Henry Gaynor and others, were sold to Mr. Shepperd in July 1865.