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Name Description
Waller (Castle Waller & Rockvale) In the mid 17th century Richard Waller (formerly Warren), a Cromwellian soldier, was granted lands in county Tipperary including Cully, later Castle Waller. His grandson, Samuel, was ancestor of the Wallers, baronets, of Newport and the Wallers of Prior Park. Richard Waller of Castle Waller married Anne, daughter of Kilner Brazier. The Castle Waller estate of William Henry Brazier Waller (who emigrated to America) assigned to William De Rythre was advertised for sale in June 1851.The Freeman's Journal reported that Henry Hodson and John H. Going were among the purchasers. Blanche Waller was married to William De Rythre and 89 acres belonging to them at Poulavie, part of Petersfield demesne, was advertised for sale in the 1860s. A junior branch of this family lived at Rockvale and Finoe House. In the mid 19th century Samuel Waller of the Rockvale family held land in the parishes of Rahelty and Twomileborris, barony of Eliogarty and Edward Waller held land in the parish of Finnoe. Samuel was married to Katherine Doherty. Part of the lands of Finoe and Curraghmore, including Ormond Cottage, the estate (211 acres) of the trustees of the will of Samuel Waller, deceased was advertised for sale in November 1856. In the 1870s John Francis Waller of Dublin and Finoe owned 1,445 acres in county Tipperary.