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Name Description
Villiers (Kilpeacon & Beech Hill) The Reverend Fitzgerald in a footnote in his book gives an account of the owners of Kilpeacon, county Limerick. The castle was originally the property of Sir William King. As he had no direct heirs it passed to his grand nephews Richard and Edward Villiers who also died childless. The property then passed to their nephew Joseph Crips of Edwardstown, who took the name Villiers. Edward Villiers the proprietor in the 1820s was his grandson. In the early 1840s the whole parish of Kilpeacon was held by the representatives of Edward Villiers. In the mid 19th century Edward Cripps Villiers owned an estate in the parishes of Kilpeacon, baronies of Smallcounty and Pubblebrien and Ballycahane and Crecora, barony of Pubblebrien, county Limerick. His county Limerick estate, which included houses in the city of Limerick, plus a fee farm rent on lands in county Clare and some land in county Kilkenny were first advertised for sale in July 1850. Kilpeacon was sold to Major George Gavin. Edward C. Villiers appears to have bought the Beech Hill estate, parish of Grange, barony of Kilconnell, in county Galway, at this time. He was in possession of the Beech Hill estate in 1855. In the 1870s Edward C. Villiers estate in county Galway amounted to over 500 acres and his representatives owned 118 acres in county Limerick. In 1906 Villiers was in possession of almost 500 acres of untenanted demesne land at Grange including Beech Hill House valued at £26.
Tuthill (Faha) This family settled in county Limerick in the late 17th century. George Tuthill held an estate in the parishes of Crecora and Kilkeedy, barony of Pubblebrien, and Killonahan, barony of Coshma, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. He was a son of Christopher Tuthill of Faha and his wife the Honourable Mary Anne Massy daughter of 2nd Baron Massy. George Tuthill married his cousin Catherine Greene of Lota, county Cork. A George Tuthill of Dublin owned 464 acres in county Limerick in the 1870s.
Tuthill (Kilmore) The Tuthill family settled in county Limerick in the early 18th century. John Tuthill of Kilmore was the eldest son of George Tuthill's 1740 marriage to Dorothea Villiers of county Kilkenny. His younger brother was Christopher Tuthill of Faha. John Tuthill assumed the name of Villiers in March 1794 in accordance with the will of his uncle Edward Villiers of Kilpeacon and married Elizabeth Jackson of Fanningstown. They had 5 sons including Christopher Devonsher Tuthill from whom the Tuthills of Moyglare, county Kildare descend. The eldest son George Tuthill of Kilmore & Ballyteigue, county Limerick married Catherine daughter of Henry Langley of Lisnamrock Castle, county Tipperary. John L. Tuthill held land in the parishes of Caherconlish and Killeenagarriff, barony of Clanwilliam and Ballingarry, barony of Connello Upper and Croagh, barony of Connello Lower in the 1850s. The estate of John and George Tuthill amounting to 1,312 acres including Mulkear was advertised for sale in July 1854. The purchasers included Archdeacon Tisdall and Mr. Hugh Stanley while other parts of the property were purchased in trust. Captain William Tuthill of Moyglare owned 286 acres in county Limerick in the 1870s and a further 821 acres in the same county in association with William Bredin. In 1792 George Tuthill of Kilmore, the eldest son of John and Elizabeth, married Catherine Langley of Lisnamrock, county Tipperary and their grandsons eventually emigrated to Australia and the USA. In February 1851 the lands of Greenhills were offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court, the purchaser was William Johnstone.
Christmas Thomas Christmas was granted land in county Waterford in 1666. His descendants lived at Whitfield Court until the late 19th century. Sadlier, referring to the 1770s notes William Christmas "of Whitfield". At the time of the first Ordnance Survey William Christmas of county Waterford was recorded as the proprietor of six townlands in the parish of Crecora, barony of Pubblebrien, county Limerick. Most of his land was leased to George Tuthill of Faha and George Tomkins. At the time of Griffith's Valuation W. Christmas held land in the parishes of Kiltegan and Newchapel, barony of Iffa and Offa East, county Tipperary and in the parishes of Killoteran, Kilmeadan, Lisnakill and Reisk, barony of Middlethird, county Waterford. In May 1862 William Christmas's estates, 4,000+ acres, in the counties of Kilkenny, Tipperary, Wexford and Limerick were advertised for sale. George Tomkins was the tenant of the 1,043 acres in county Limerick and Henry Cole Bowen, Henry O'Shea and John Riall of the 712 acres in the barony of Iffa and Offa estate in county Tipperary. Mrs Octavia Christmas of Cheltenham owned 4,025 acres in county Waterford in the 1870s.
Quin (Ballynisky) Michael Quin was elected Mayor of Limerick in 1848. In Griffith's Valuation he is recorded as holding the townland of Ballynisky in the parish of Clonagh, barony of Connello Lower, county Limerick. In January 1872 his estate at Lisnamuck, parish of Croagh, barony of Connello Lower and at Clonagh, amounting to 661 acres was advertised for sale by trustees under his will. He is described as "deceased". The sale rental records that he bought Ballyniskey in the Encumbered Estates' Court in November 1851 and Lisnamuck in February 1855. Lisnamuck was part of the Tuthill estate advertised for sale in 1854.
Neville (Co Kilkenny) A family originally established in county Wexford and in county Kildare by the mid 17th century. By the late 18th century Garrett Neville was living at Marymount, county Kilkenny. In 1846 his grandson, Thomas Neville of Borrismore House (formerly Marymount), married Isabella Anne, daughter of Edward Thomas Villiers Tuthill of Rathgar Mansion, Dublin. In the 1870s Thomas Neville owned 210 acres in county Limerick, presumably acquired from the Tuthills, 392 acres in county Kildare and 710 acres in county Kilkenny. Garrett Neville's eldest son, Thomas of Annamount, county Kilkenny, married Rebecca, daughter and heiress of Ambrose Power. Thomas died in 1835 without heirs. Mrs Rebecca Neville held two townlands amounting to 730 acres in county Tipperary at the time of Griffith's Valuation. [John Neville, county surveyor, of Roden Place, Dundalk, owned 776 acres in county Tipperary and 102 acres in county Armagh, in the 1870s.]
Tuthill (Drominagh) Another branch of the Tuthill family descend from George Tuthill who married as his second wife, Anne Chateaureuf, in 1747. Their descendant, Captain William Tuthill, purchased the Biggs estate at Drominagh and Gortmore in 1853 (''Nenagh Guardian'', 20 Nov 1853). William Tuthill held land in the parish of Burgesbeg, barony of Owney and Arra, county Tipperary at the time of Griffith's Valuation. In 1835 he married Frances Taylor of Dublin and they had a son,Charles Edward Tuthill. William Tuthill of Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, owned 1,307 acres in county Tipperary. William had a brother Marcus who lived at Mota. The estate of Robert Tuthill in the barony of Lower Ormond, county Tipperary was advertised for sale in 1858. Part of the lands of Garrykennedy, the estate of Samuel and Elizabeth Poe continued in the name of Charles Tuthill junior and Sarah Tuthill and Robert Tuthill junior, was advertised for sale in February 1869. A newspaper report records the purchase of their holdings by the Tuthill tenants of Drominagh and Shanakill in 1904, see
Tuthill (Moyglare) The Tuthills of Moyglare, county Kildare, descend from the Reverend Christopher Devonsher Tuthill, fourth son of John Tuthill of Kilmore, county Limerick. Captain William Tuthill of Moyglare owned 286 acres in county Limerick in the 1870s and a further 821 acres in the same county in association with William Bredin.