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Smith (Milford) Ralph Smith of Ballingarry, county Tipperary, was descended from a family of that name originally based in Durham in the north of England. He settled in county Tipperary in the 17th century. His descendants married members of the Jackson, Cornwall, Cooke and Drought families. Ralph Smith of Lismacrory and Milford married Elizabeth Stoney of Greyfort and died in 1814. Their son Ralph Smith married Elizabeth Firman of Firmount and died in 1835 when he was succeeded by his son Ralph Smith Smith, who married Rebecca Bunbury of Lisbryan. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Ralph Smith held an estate in the parishes of Aglishcloghane, Dorrha and Lorrha, barony of Lower Ormond and William Sydney Smith held land in the parishes of Templebeg and Upperchurch, barony of Kilnamanagh Upper. In July 1852 over 800 acres, the estate of Ralph Smith Smith in county Tipperary was advertised for sale. In March 1857 the estate of Ralph S. Smith's son Richard Flood Smith, a minor, including Milford House and demesne, was advertised for sale. In November 1880 the estate of Henry Ellis Smith at Ballymona, 298 acres in the barony of Lower Ormond was advertised for sale. The Smiths of Gurteen and Mount Butler were branches of this family.
Bunbury (Lisbryan) The Bunbury family of Lisbryan, barony of Lower Ormond, county Tipperary, descend from Thomas Bunbury son of Thomas Bunbury of Lisnevagh, county Carlow and his wife Susanna Priscilla Isaac. Rebecca daughter of Thomas Bunbury of Lisbryan married Ralph Smith Smith of Milford, who succeeded his father in 1835. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Thomas Bunbury held land in the parish of Ballingarry, county Tipperary, from Lord Ashtown. In the 1870s the Lisbryan estate amounted to 739 acres in county Tipperary and 38 acres in King's County (Offaly).
Firman Thomas Firman of Selby, Yorkshire and of Dublin city inherited the estates of Richard Pierson. His son, John Firman, was "of Ballinderry and Arranhill, county Tipperary". John Firman's estate was valued at £600 in the mid 1770s (Kilboy Papers). John Firman's two sons were Thomas Pierson Firman of Firmount who married a Yorkshire heiress and Richard Flood Firman of Slevoir. The Firman family were related through marriage with the Smith family of Milford and the Biggs family of Castle Biggs.The representatives of Thomas P. Firman held an estate in the parishes of Borrisokane and Terryglass, barony of Lower Ormond, county Tipperary, in the mid 19th century. In May 1852 the Firmount estate, barony of Lower Ormond and the lands of Grange and Clohane, barony of Eliogarty, over 1,300 acres in total, were advertised for sale and appear to have been bought by the Hickies and Delanys. In July 1862 the estate of the administrator of William Firman,, deceased, at Muckloon "now called Firmount", 85 acres in the barony of Lower Ormond, was advertised for sale. The Irish Times reports its purchase in trust for Samuel D. Biggs.
Smith (Gurteen) The Smiths of Gurteen, near Ballingarry, county Tipperary, were a younger branch of the Smiths of Milford. Both families descended from Thomas (died 1772) and Dorcas Smith of Lismacrory, a house located very close to Gurteen. William was their third son and married Sarah Stoney of Greyfort. They had four sons. The youngest, George, married Ellen Palmer of Ivy Hall. At the time of Griffith's Valuation George Smith held land in the parishes of Ballingarry, Borrisokane and Loughkeen, barony of Lower Ormond. The Gurteen estate of 998 acres and the house were advertised for sale in November 1863. George Smith was tenant under the Court of Chancery. In the 1870s George Smith of Gurteen owned 1,104 acres in county Tipperary.
Smith (Derryvale) John Sidney Smith was the manager of the Tipperary Joint Stock Bank, Roscrea, until he resigned in 1850 as he had been appointed agent to the 3rd Marquess of Sligo's estate at Westport, county Mayo (''Ballina Chronicle'', 24 July 1850). It is not clear if this Smith family was related to the Smiths of Milford and Gurteen, county Tipperary. Ralph Smith Smith had a son William Sidney Smith but he was too young to be the father of John S. Smith. John S. Smith lived in houses owned by the Birch family in the mid 1840s and was related to the Birches. In the 1870s John S. Smith owned 191 acres in county Tipperary. He died in 1886. His son John Edward Smith lived at Derryvale in the late 19th century. This family may be related to Christopher Smith, a merchant in Roscrea, who died in 1818 as a copy of his will is to be found among papers in the National Archives relating to the Derryvale family. Christopher had sons Samuel, Thomas, Joseph (of Mount Butler) and William.
Smith (Mount Butler) Captain Joseph Smith lived at Mount Butler, parish of Corbally, King's County (Offaly). He was the third son of Christopher Smith of the town of Roscrea, merchant, who died in 1818. He appears to have been left most of his father's property and was his executor. His father's will gives details about the acquisition of his property. Samuel Smith of Lisduff is also mentioned in the will. Mount Butler was situated just over the county border with county Tipperary and was very close to the town of Roscrea. In 1823 Joseph Smith married Lady Carden (nee Kemmis), widow of Sir Arthur Carden. He died in 1842. The estate of Joseph Smith of Roscrea at Drumnascart in the barony of Lower Ormond, at Gortnarry in the barony of Kilnamanagh Upper, county Tipperary and at Ballyshane, barony of Ballybritt, King's County (Offaly) was advertised for sale in June 1851. George and Richard Atkinson were purchasers at this sale. Premises in the town of Roscrea, the estate of Joseph George Smith, were advertised for sale in November 1859. The Freeman's Journal reported that they were purchased by Mr. Foy. Deeds in the Baker, Ringwood and Gordon solicitors' collection in the National Archives trace the title of Drumnascart from George Woodman to George Jackson in 1707 to Ralph Smith of Lismacrory in 1748 and possibly suggest a family relationship between the Smiths of Milford and Captain Joseph Smith.