Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Gason The Gason family, reputed to have been originally from Kent, settled in county Tipperary in the mid 17th century, where John Gason and Elizabeth Ward were granted over 1,200 statute acres in Upper Ormond and in the barony or territory of "Killinlougarty" in 1667. By the late 18th century Richard Gason was living at Richmond. He and his grandson also named Richard married members of the Crofts family. G., Richard and Samuel Gason held land in the parishes of Templederry, Kilnaneave and Ballymackey, barony of Upper Ormond, respectively in the mid 19th century. Richard also held land in the parishes of Monsea and Nenagh, barony of Lower Ormond. In October 1865 part of the Gason estate at Lismore and Lissinisky, barony of Upper Ormond, was advertised for sale. These lands were held on a lease from the Earl of Norbury to John Gason dated 1787. In the 1870s Richard Gason of Bath, England, owned 1,929 acres in county Tipperary and his brother Lieutenant Colonel Wills Crofts Gason of Kilteelagh, Nenagh, county Tipperary, owned 878 acres.