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NUI Galway


Family title

Earl of Orkney


Name Description
Fitzmaurice Lord George Hamilton was created Earl of Orkney in 1696. He married Elizabeth Villiers and was succeeded by his daughter Anne (died 1756), the wife of William O'Brien, 4th Earl of Inchiquin. Their daughter Mary (died 1791) became Countess of Orkney. She was succeeded in the title by her daughter Mary (1755-1831) who married Thomas Fitzmaurice (1742-1793), son of John Petty, Earl of Shelburne, and was succeeded in the title by her grandson, Thomas John Hamilton Fitzmaurice (1803-1877). In the mid 19th century the Earl of Orkney held an estate in county Tipperary in the baronies of Eliogarty (parishes of Drom, Inch and Rahelty) and Ikerrin (Bourney and Templeree). The county Tipperary estate amounted to 7,877 acres in the 1870s. The Earl of Orkney also owned 1,642 acres in county Kerry and 1,438 acres in Queen's County (Laois). The Earl of Orkney held over a thousand acres of untenanted land in the Thurles area in 1906.