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Fitzgerald/Purcell Fitzgerald (Little Island)


Name Description
Fitzgerald/Purcell Fitzgerald (Little Island) This family claimed ancient ties with the original Fitzgeralds who came to Ireland in the twelfth century. At the beginning of the nineteenth century Mary Frances Fitzgerald, the heiress to the estate married John Purcell and the family became known as Purcell Fitzgerald. John Purcell Fitzgerald was among the principal lessors in the parishes of Lisnakill, barony of Middlethird, and Ballynakill, barony of Gaultiere, county Waterford, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. In the 1870s, he had an address in Manchester but was the owner of over 2200 acres in county Waterford. In the 1880s Bateman records Mrs. Purcell Fitzgerald of Boulge Hall, Woodbridge, as the owner of over 2700 acres in county Waterford as well as property in the counties of Lancashire, Suffolk and Sussex in England.