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The Collum family were associated with the Orme family as property owners in the Barony of Tireragh, County Sligo although their main property base was in County Fermanagh.


Name Description
Orme (Owenmore) The Orme family owned extensive property in county Mayo and also around the village of Enniscrone in the parish of Kilglass, county Sligo. Of Staffordshire extract they settled in county Mayo at the end of the 17th century and built up an estate centred in the parish of Moygawnagh, barony of Tirawley, county Mayo, some of which was held from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. By the time of Griffith's Valuation they also held a large estate in the parish of Killasser, barony of Gallen, county Mayo. In 1876 three members of the family held over 16,000 acres in county Mayo and almost 2,000 in county Sligo. C. Guy Orme sold 3,100 acres to the Congested Districts' Board on 22 Feb 1912.
Collum The Collum estate was centred on Belleview, near Enniskillen. However, John Collum, as representative of the late Archibold, of Enniskillen is recorded as owning 283 acres in Leitrim in the 1870s. In addition he is recorded as owning, with others, over 1600 acres in county Sligo. He also owned land in Cavan and Donegal as well as Fermanagh. Elizabeth Collum, together with Robert Orme, was a principal lessor in some parishes in Tireragh at the time of Griffith's Valuation, notably Skreen. Mrs. Elizabeth Collum, wife of John Collum, and Robert Orme, offered for sale property in Athlone and Westmeath, in the Encumbered Estates Court in February 1857. This had formerly been part of the estate of Ffolliott Thornton Mostyn and of Bernard Kelly.