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Webber (Cos Sligo & Limerick) A family who were settled near the city of Cork in the early 17th century. Thomas Webber married Letitia Irwin of Tanragoe, county Sligo in 1754. Their eldest son, Daniel Webb Webber, Member of Parliament for Armagh in 1816, married Sarah Wood, heiress of Leekfield, county Sligo. The Webber family held land in the barony of Tireragh although their extensive estates were in the midlands of Ireland, principally Laois and Offaly. Charles Tankerville Webber is listed as the owner in the mid-19th century. He was a QC who married the daughter of the 3rd Earl of Kingston and their fourth son, Robert Tankerville Webber, acquired part of the Kingston estate in county Limerick post Griffith's Valuation. The family owned almost 4500 acres in county Sligo in 1876. William Downes Webber, a nephew of Charles T. Webber, married Anna, widow of the 5th Earl of Kingston of Mitchelstown Castle in 1873. In the 1870s Captain Robert Webber of India owned 1,814 acres in county Limerick and in 1906 Robert T. Webber held untenanted land at Glenacurra, Kilyglass and Coolboy, parish of Kilbeheny, barony of Coshlea, county Limerick.
Wood (Skreen) Edward and Arthur Wood owned an estate of over 1000 acres in county Sligo in the 1870s, mostly in the barony of Tireragh. Thomas Mostyn Wood owned over 100 acres in the parish of Templeboy, barony of Tireragh. His lands were offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court in 1874 and again in 1876. He also acted as a trustee for the sale of houses in the town of Sligo, the property of Margaret Christian.