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Name Description
Robbins Frances, daughter of the 1st Baron Massy, married George Robbins of Hymenstown, county Tipperary, in the mid 18th century. Elizabeth Massy, granddaughter of the 2nd Baron Massy, married in 1812 her cousin Nathaniel E. Robbins. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Nathaniel E. Robbins held land in the parish of Knockgraffon, barony of Middlethird and Relickmurry and Athassel, barony of Clanwilliam, county Tipperary, the latter from the Earl of Portarlington. The 1,600+ acre estate of Albert Fell and Charles Townshend Murdoch at Garrandee, barony of Middlethird and Hymenstown, Derrycloney and Masterstown, barony of Clanwilliam was advertised for sale in 1859. William Charles Massy was the petitioner. It was held on leases to Nathaniel Eyre Robbins dated 1856. In the 1870s George Robbins of Kennitty owned 100 acres in county Tipperary.