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Gore (Derryluskan)


Name Description
Gore (Clonroad & Tyredagh Castle) In 1712 Henry 8th Earl of Thomond leased Clonroad, parish of Drumcliff, barony of Islands, county Clare, to Francis Gore in perpetuity at an annual rent of £60, as well as Lifford and the Abbey lands of Ennis and Drumbiggle. Weir writes that the Gore family lived in the 17th century house of Clonroad until the 1840s when it was rebuilt and extended. Mrs Mary Gore sold the property in 1852. In the latter half of the 18th century the Gores appear to have lived at Derrymore, parish of Kilnoe, barony of Tulla Upper. In 1797 Francis Gore of Derrymore married Christianna daughter of Sir Joseph Peacocke of Barntick. Their eldest son Francis married Mary daughter and co heir of Edmond Browne of Newgrove and of his wife Anne Hickman of Kilmore. By the mid 19th century the Gores were leasing Tyredagh Castle from the Brownes. In the mid 19th century Francis Gore’s estate was in the parish of Drumcliffe, barony of Islands. Over 1,000 acres in the vicinity of Ennis was advertised for sale in November 1852 and Lifford and other property north of the town in 1868. In the 1870s his son Francis William Gore of Kilmore, owned over 3,000 acres in county Clare. Francis William Gore of Tyredagh assumed the surname of Hickman in 1878. In the mid 20th century the head of the Gore Hickman family was living in Canada. In the 1850s Captain Charles William Gore, fourth son of Francis and Christianna Gore of Derrymore lived at Larch Hill, (Reaskaun), parish of Templemaley, barony of Bunratty Upper and held land in the parishes of Kilfinaghta and St Patricks, barony of Bunratty Lower. In the 1870s he owned 399 acres in county Clare.
Evans (Carker) The Evans family first settled in county Limerick but through marriage with Bridget Green of Carker, parish of Doneraile, county Cork, they inherited that property. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Nicholas and Ralph Evans held at least eight townlands in the parish of Doneraile. Ralph was the eldest son of Nicholas Green Evans and Anne, daughter of Ralph Westropp of Attyflin, county Limerick. In 1818 he married his cousin, Henrietta Louisa Westropp, and died in 1864. In the 1870s his son, John Westropp Evans, owned 2,392 acres in county Cork.
Gore (Derryluskan) The Gores of Derryluskan, county Tipperary, were a junior branch of the Gore family of Tyredagh Castle and Derrymore, county Clare. The Reverend Francis Gore married as his third wife Ellinor daughter of Colonel Kingsmill Pennefather of New Park, county Tipperary. Their son George married in 1774 Catherine daughter and co heiress of Lawrence Clutterbuck of Derryluskan. The Gores held an estate in the parish of Rathcool, barony of Middlethird, county Tipperary at the time of Griffith's Valuation. All the children of George and Catherine died without heirs. Their youngest daughter Miss Catherine Gore of London is recorded in the 1870s as owning 918 acres in county Tipperary. Following Catherine death in 1875 (aged 100) the estate was inherited by a cousin Georgina Katherine, daughter of Nathaniel Evans of Oldtown, county Cork. In 1828 Georgina married Charles Vernon and in 1876 assumed the additional name and arms of Gore.