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Carden (Barnane) Arthur E. Carden has written a very detailed history of this family who acquired Barnane, county Tipperary, in the late 17th century and sold it to the Irish Land Commission in 1908. At the time of Griffith's Valuation John Carden held an estate in the parishes of Drom and Loughmoe West, barony of Eliogarty and Barnane Ely and Killea, barony of Ikerrin. Lands belonging to John Rutter Carden in the barony of Eliogarty and held from James Napier Webb were advertised for sale in February 1864. The sale was adjourned to May of the same year. John Rutter Carden, the rather eccentric "Woodcock" Carden, is remembered for his famous attempt to abduct Miss Eleanor Arbuthnot in 1854. In the 1870s Andrew Carden of Barnane owned 2,709 acres in county Tipperary. In 1890 over 700 acres owned by Sir John Carden was offered for sale in the Land Judges' Court.
Carden (Templemore & Fishmoyne) The Cardens settled at Templemore, county Tipperary, in the mid 17th century. In 1717 John Carden married Rebecca Minchin and they had three sons John, Paul and Minchin of Fishmoyne. The eldest son, John, married Elizabeth Craven and their son, John Craven Carden, was created a baronet in 1787. In the mid 19th century the estate of Sir John C. Carden in the barony of Eliogarty was mainly located in the parish of Templemore but also in the parishes of Drom, Fertiana, Holycross and Loughmoe West. His estate also extended into the parishes of Templeree and Corbally, barony of Ikerrin and Kilbarron and Cloghprior, barony of Lower Ormond. The fee simple estates of Sir John Craven Carden in the baronies of Lower Ormond and Eliogarty, amounting to 2,529 acres were advertised for sale in December 1853. The estate of the trustees of the will of Dame Mary Carden in counties Tipperary and King's County (Offaly) were advertised for sale in June 1868. One lot was sold in trust to George Mitchell for £6000 while a second lot was sold privately. In the 1870s, Sir John C. Carden of Templemore Abbey owned 6,680 acres in county Tipperary according to the Landowners Return of 1876 while Hussey de Burgh records him as the owner of 7,856 acres. At the same time Lieutenant Colonel Henry Carden of Fishmoyne owned 893 acres. In the 1880s Bateman recorded the Carden estate as being 7850 acres.