Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Brinkley Richard Graves Brinkley purchased lands in various parts of County Sligo in the Encumbered Estates Court. The principal estate he acquired was at Fortland, Easky, originally a Jones property. He also acquired extensive property in Killmacallen parish in the Barony of Tirerrill. This branch of the Brinkley family was descended from Matthew Brinkley, son of the Right Rev. John Brinkley, bishop of Cloyne and astronomer royal of Ireland. Richard Brinkley's wife was Hester Lloyd of Ardagh, county Sligo. The estate amounted to over 6000 acres in the 1870s. Between 1872 and 1874 various elements of the estate were offered for sale including the property at Fortland. Property sold in June 1872 was bought by Mr. Cornwall for £4000. In 1906 John L. Brinkley owned over 600 acres of untenanted land in the barony of Tireragh and over 1000 acres in the barony of Tirerrill. In 1915 Brinkley accepted offers from the Congested Districts Board on over 4000 acres of the estate. On 5 Feb 1914 an estate of over 1,100 acres in county Roscommon, belonging to Sarah Brinkley, was vested in the Congested Districts' Board.
Jones (Fortland) The estate at Fortland had originally belonged to the Browne family but had later come into the hands of the Jones family. The property was sold by Robert Jones in the Encumbered Estates Court in March 1854. The purchaser was Richard Brinkley. The sale also included lands at Ardnaree, Ballina, county Mayo and a moiety of a fishery on the river Moy.