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Grehan (Clonmeen)


Name Description
Chichester Charles Raleigh Chichester, a grandson of Charles Chichester of Calverleigh Court, county Devon and Mary Honoria ffrench of Rahasane, county Galway, married Mary, eldest daughter and co heiress of James Balfe of Runnamoat, county Roscommon. In the mid 1850s the Chichesters held an estate in the parish of Cloonygormican, barony of Ballymoe, county Roscommon, which in the 1870s amounted to 2,306 acres. The Chichester's eldest son, Walter George Raleigh Chichester, succeeded to the Irish estates of his mother and also to the Burton Constable estate, Yorkshire and in 1894 he took the name Constable by royal licence. In 1883 Esther Chichester, daughter of Colonel Charles Raleigh Chichester married Stephen Grehan of Clonmeen, county Cork. The Grehan Papers contain references to the Chichesters.
Grehan (Clonmeen) An estate inherited by the Grehan family of Dublin in the early 19th century. Stephen Grehan (1776-1871) was one of the main beneficiaries of the will of his uncle [by marriage], John Roche of Dublin. In 1809 Stephen Grehan married Margaret Ryan of Inch, county Tipperary. The Grehans were involved in banking. By the time of Griffith's Valuation Stephen's son George held at least eight townlands in the parish of Clonmeen, barony of Duhallow, county Cork and another son, Peter, held lands in the parishes Ballycahill, Moyaliff, Templebeg and Upperchurch, barony of Kilnamanagh Upper, county Tipperary. Peter's surname is spelt Graham not Grehan in Griffith's Valuation for county Tipperary. Over 1,000 acres at Coolroemore was bought in 1857. The Grehans acquired further lands in the barony of East Carbery and in county Tipperary. By the 1870s George Grehan owned an estate of over 7,000 acres in county Cork and his brother, Peter Grehan of 19 Rutland Square, Dublin, owned 1,875 acres in county Tipperary. John Therry was agent to this estate in the late 19th century. A large collection of estate and family papers documenting the Grehans and their property is located in the Boole Library, University College, Cork. The Grehans sold Clonmeen in 1975. Lands leased by George Gre[n]an to Mary Fitzgerald in 1856 were advertised for sale in October 1883, the estate of John Fitzgerald.
O'Callaghan (Clonmeen) The O'Callaghans of Clonmeen Castle and later of Clonmeen Lodge, barony of Duhallow, county Cork, were established in the Banteer locality until the death of Robert O'Callaghan in 1778. They appear to have held their land from Viscount Lismore. Robert O'Callaghan's sister Melian had married Thomas Morgell in the early 1730s and documents referring to both the O'Callaghan and Morgell families are to be found in the Grehan collection, Boole Library, University College Cork. In 1748 a daughter of Robert O'Callaghan of Clonmeen married Denis O'Callaghan of Glynn.
Ryan (Gortkelly) This family of Ryans held land from the Ryans of Inch, Thurles, county Tipperary. The Ryan of Inch Papers in the Boole Library contain leases dated 1746, 1781 and 1814 from members of the Ryan family of Inch to three generations of Ryans of Gortkelly, John, Andrew and John. In the mid 19th century Andrew Ryan held 3 townlands from Peter Graham in the parish of Upperchurch, barony of Kilnamanagh Upper, county Tipperary. In the 1870s Andrew Ryan of Gortkelly Castle, Borrisoleigh, owned 906 acres in county Tipperary. In December 1877 the estate of Andrew Ryan of Gortkelly was advertised for sale, comprised of over 900 acres in the barony of Kilnamanagh Upper.