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Barry (Leamlara)


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Barry (Leamlara) At the beginning of the 18th century the head of this family was Standish Barry, son of David Barry of Leamlara, county Cork and Catherine Grady of Elton, county Limerick. In 1708 Standish Barry married Eleanor Quin of Adare, county Limerick and had a number of children. Their grandson, Standish Barry, married Margaret Roche in 1787 and their daughter Penelope purchased Leamlara from her brother, Garrett S. Barry. In January 1851 the estate of Garrett Standish Barry amounting to over 2,500 acres in the barony of Barrymore was advertised for sale. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Penelope Barry held an estate in the parish of Ballycurrany, barony of Barrymore. In the 1870s she owned 672 acres in county Cork. Other purchasers of the estate sales in 1851 and 1852 such as Richard Butler, William Dutton, Edmund Burke Roche and Robert Morrogh are given on the askaboutireland website. see
Condon/Condron/Conron In the 18th century this family was located at Walshestown, parish of Churchtown, barony of Orrery and Kilmore, county Cork. see In 1716 Thomas Gibbings of Gibbing's Grove married Anne, daughter of Robert Conron of Walshtown. In the mid 19th century Hatton Condran held land in the parishes of Templeusque, barony of Barrymore and St Annes Shandon, barony of Cork, county Cork. In the 1870s Hatton R. Condon of Grange, Doughlas, Robert and Robert H. Condon of Cork owned 131, 122 and 316 acres respectively in county Cork. Con Foley writing for the ''Douglas Weekly - The Voice of Douglas on the Net'' on 21 June 2001 gives a short account of the Conron family, stating that Hatton Conron of Mary Street, Cork, was given a lease for 900 years of lands at Grange in 1773. Hatton Conron married Anastasia, daughter of Edmond Ronayne of Rochestown. They had three sons, Christopher, Hatton and Robert. Christopher died unmarried in 1794. Foley writes that Hatton inherited Grange and held fee simple estates consisting of lands at Ballincollig, Killalohy, and Kilpatrick, property in Barrack Street, and Cove Street, and leasehold interest in the lands of Clankittane and Scarteen, county Cork and Robert had a drapery business in the city. see Hatton Conron married Eleanor Barry of Leamlara, county Cork. In June 1858 the estate of Hatton Ronayne Conron, over 250 acres at Ballincollig, was advertised for sale.
Dutton (Cork) William Dutton bought two lots of the Barry estate of Leamlara, barony of Barrymore, county Cork, in 1852. Griffith's Valuation records him holding land in the parish of Ballycurrany, barony of Barrymore, county Cork. In the 1870s William H. Dutton (no address given) owned 575 acres in county Cork. see