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O'Hara (Annaghmore)


Name Description
O'Hara The O'Haras were the only Gaelic family to continue as major landowners in County Sligo up to modern times. They held significant estates in the Baronies of Leyny and Corran. Through judicious choice in terms of politics and religion they succeeded in maintaining their role in Sligo political and social life for three centuries. In 1906 Major Charles K. O'Hara is recorded as the occupier of property at Annghmore, barony of Leyny, including a mansion house.
Cooper The estate at Coopershill was founded by the Cooper family. In the mid 19th century Charles King O'Hara of Annaghmore, chose as his heir, his sister Jane's son, Charles William Cooper of Coopershill, on condition that he change his name to O'Hara. Coopershill then became an O'Hara property. It is still owned by the O'Hara family who operate it as a guesthouse, see