Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Braddell This family appear to be descended from the Reverend Henry Braddell of Raheengraney, county Wicklow. Henry Braddell held land in the parish of Mallow, county Cork, from at least the early 19th century. Henry Braddell may have been agent to the Earl of Listowel. His nephew John Waller Braddell certainly fulfilled this role in the 1850s and early 1860s until he was murdered in 1863. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Matthew Braddle held land in the parish of Mourneabbey, barony of Barretts, and Henry Braddle held land in the parishes of Mallow, barony of Fermoy, Castlelyons and Knockmourne, barony of Condons and Clangibbon, Killaspugmullane, barony of Barrymore, county Cork. In the 1870s Henry Braddell of Modelligo, Fermoy, owned 1,872 acres in county Cork.
Cleary/Clery (Cork) Thomas J. Cleary held land in the parish of Killaspugmullane, barony of Barrymore, county Cork, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. In January 1866 the estate of John Thomas Clery at Ashton Grove, Ballingohig, barony of Barrymore, was advertised for sale. His brother Henry Clery was selling his share of Ashton Grove in June 1866. Under tenure in this sale rental a detailed history of the Clerys' land holding is given. By a fee farm grant dated December 1850 Henry Braddell granted the lands of Kilrossane and Ballingohig to Thomas John Clery, who by his will dated 6 February 1851 left his property divided between his six sons, John Thomas, Henry, Charles, William, George and Richard. In the 1870s William Henry Cleary of Cork owned 2,534 acres in the county.
Going (Liskeveen) The Goings of Ballyphilip and Liskeveen, county Tipperary, both descend from James Going, a younger brother of Robert Going of Traverstown. In 1744 Stephen Going of Liskeveen married Elizabeth, daughter of Hercules Beere of Ballyhohan, and they had a number of sons who lived at Newhill and Liskeveen. Liskeveen is a large townland of 1,453 acres and at the time of Griffith's Valuation was held by Usher Beere and Samuel Murray Going. In 1837 Lewis refers to residences at Liskevin held by R. Beere, T. Millet and J. Going. In 1848 Samuel M. Going married his cousin, Dorothea Going of Ballyphilip, and they had one son, John Thomas Going, and two daughters. Margaret married Owen Lloyd Mansergh of Heathview in 1883 and Mary, who married Henry Armstead Braddell of Mondeligo, county Cork in 1893. In the mid 1870s Samuel M. Going of Liskeveen House owned 2,522 acres in county Tipperary. The lands of Noard and Newhill held in fee by the trustees of the will of Christopher Domville were advertised for sale in March 1863. John T. Going was the tenant of Newhill. see