Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Ormsby Gore

Family title

Baron Harlech


Name Description
Ormsby Gore LordHarlech's estate held land in the baronies of Leyny, Tireragh and Tirerrill in county Sligo as well as over 2000 acres in county Leitrim including lands in the parish of Drumreilly, barony of Dromahaire. They also owned over 1000 acres in the parish of Killasser, barony of Gallen, county Mayo. Their main residence in the west of Ireland was at Derrycarne, near Drumod, county Leitrim, which had previously been part of the Nisbet family estate. The family also held property in the parishes of Cloone and Drumreilly, barony of Mohill, county Leitrim and Kilcooley, barony and county of Roscommon. The Ormsby-Gore family also held properties at Brogyntynx, in Wales as well as in England. In the 1870s the estate was comprised of 21,019 acres in county Sligo, 7,480 acres in county Leitrim, 1,174 acres in county Mayo and 172 acres in county Roscommon. In 1906 the estate held over 100 acres of untenanted land at Willowbrook, barony of Carbury, county Sligo. Lord Harlech sold 1,367 acres in county Mayo to the Congested Districts' Board on 28 July 1906 and a further 1172 acres on 22 Feb 1912.
Nesbitt/Nisbett The main Nisbett estate was centred around Derrycarne Demesne near Dromod. They had originally lived at Aughry castle nearby which had been built by Major John Nisbet in the 1680s after he had received a grant of land there. Major Nisbet, who was originally from Scotland, married a Crofton of Mote Park, county Roscommon. Aughry castle was attacked by the Jacobites in 1690 and his wife was killed. Various members of the family served as High Sheriff of Leitrim from the late seventeenth century up to the 1820s. The Nesbitt's remained in Derrycarne until the 1850s. The Nisbett estate, when first advertised for sale in 1852, included land in the parish of Kilglass, Ballintober North, county Roscommon, which was in the possession of Henry S. Pakenham Mahon at the time of Griffith's Valuation. The estate at Derrycarne was purchased in 1858 by William Ormsby Gore. In 1867 members of the Nisbett family offered lands over 400 acres for sale at Cloonboynagh, barony of Mohill in the Landed Estates' Court. In the 1870s James Nisbett was the owner of 470 acres in county Leitrim.
Perdue The Perdues were agents to the estate of Lord Harlech in the parish of Kilmacteige, barony of Leyny. They later acquired land in the area. In 1906 Edward Perdue was the owner of over 1700 acres of untenanted land.