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Roberts (Kilmoney)


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Roberts (Britfieldstown) A family settled in county Cork from the early 17th century, Francis Roberts was granted Britfieldstown and other lands amounting to 966 acres in 1667. Family members married into the Hodder, Westropp and Walton families. In 1765 Thomas Roberts married Amy daughter and co heir of William Johnson of Lisard, county Limerick. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Sir Thomas Roberts held a townland in the parish of Inch St Lawrence, barony of Clanwilliam, county Limerick as well as townlands in the parish of Ballyfoyle, barony of Kinalea, county Cork. Dame Anne Roberts (nee Walton) was a lessor in the parish of Kinure. The representatives of Benjamin Roberts held townlands in the parish of Inishannon in the same barony. In June 1851 the Britfieldstown estate, amounting to over 1,200 acres and 304 acres in county Limerick and 51 acres in county Tipperary was advertised for sale, on behalf of Sir Thomas Howland Roberts, an insolvent debtor. Lands at Grange, barony of Fermoy, the estate of Hodder William Roberts deceased were advertised for sale in June 1855. Lands in the baronies of Ibane and Barryroe and East Carbery, in which the Roberts and Westrop families held interests, were offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court in November 1864.
Roberts (Kilmoney) This family are a junior branch of the Roberts family of Brightfieldstown, county Cork, baronets. In 1718 Hodder Roberts of Bridgetown, county Cork, married Jane Watkins, of Oldcourt, barony of Fermoy. From their sons Watkins and Michael descend the Roberts of Shanballymore and Kilmoney Abbey. Burke's "Landed Gentry of Ireland" (1904) states that Michael inherited part of the lands of Glanworth and other estates in county Cork from his uncle Michael. At the time of Griffith's Valuation his descendant Michael Roberts held extensive property in the parishes of Carrigaline and Glanworth while John Roberts held land in the parish of Templeroan. . Premises in Cork city and mills at Knockanemore, barony of East Muskerry and at Carrigaline, barony of Kerricurrihy and other lands were advertised for sale in October 1858, part of the estate of Michael Roberts. In June 1863 the estate of Michael Roberts and William Poulter Roberts in and near the city of Cork was advertised for sale. This sale included Mount Rivers. Many of the lots in this sale were purchased by Mr. Davis. In June 1867 the estate of John Roberts in the barony of Fermoy, amounting to over 1,100 acres was advertised for sale. Mr. Michael Maguire was the main purchaser. In the 1870s, various members of this family owned between 800 and 1000 acres in county Cork. Shanballymore Lower including the house and demesne, the estate of John Roberts was advertised for sale again in May 1884.
Watkins In June 1853 the estate of John Watkins of the city of Dublin, an insolvent, was advertised for sale. This included the mansion house and demesne of Old Court and about 2,000 acres at Wallstown, Ballyellis, Ballyandrew and Lougheagle in the barony of Fermoy, county Cork. Most of this land was held on a lease dated 1724 from the Earl of Doneraile to John Watkins. Old Court was leased to John Stawell in 1813 by John Watkins and St Leger John Watkins. The Freeman's Journal gives details of the various purchasers.