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Hingston (Aglish)


Name Description
Hingston (Aglish) This family were settled in the parish of Aglish, barony of East Muskerry, county Cork from the early 18th century. In 1703 the town and lands of Aglish, 353 acres, were purchased from the Commissioners of Forfeited Estates by James Hingston, victualler of Cork. In the mid 18th century Smith refers to the "good house and plantations" of Mr Hingston. Three successive generations of Reverend James Hingstons descend from William Hingston of Aglish, son of the purchaser. James Hingston, born 1818, built the 19th century house. His second son the Reverend Richard Edward Hull Hingston is described as "of Aglish" in 1904 but he was resident in London. In Griffith's Valuation the Reverend James Hingston is recorded as holding land in the parish of Cloyne, barony of Imokilly. In the 1870s the Hingston family of Aglish owned 211 acres in county Cork while another branch of the family owned 150 acres. For detailed information about this family see