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Colthurst (Dripsey Castle) This county Cork family was a junior branch of the Colthurst family, baronets and were descended from James Colthurst, brother of the 1st Baronet. John Colthurst of Dripsey Castle married Jane, daughter of John Bowen of Oak Grove, county Cork. Three of their grandsons lived at houses in West Cork, John Henry at Dripsey Castle, George at Carhue House and Joseph succeeded Henry in 1865. Their granddaughter Peggy married Alfred Greer and this couple were living at Dripsey Castle in the 1870s. Alfred Greer appears to have purchased part of the Dripsey estate, which was advertised for sale in October 1851. It was comprised of over 1,900 acres in 1851. The Greer's daughter Georgina succeeded to Dripsey Castle. In 1878 she married Robert Walter Travers Bowen, who took the additional name of Colthurst in 1882. It was their son, John Bowen Colthurst, who ordered the shooting of Francis Sheehy-Skeffington in 1916. In the 1870s George Colthurst of Carhoo Lower and Joseph Colthurst of Carrignamuck, Coachford, owned 284 and 463 acres respectively in county Cork, while Alfred Greer of Dripsey owned 930 acres in county Cork and 244 acres in county Armagh.
Greer In November 1853 Alfred Greer, fourth son of Thomas Greer of Rhone Hill, county Tyrone, married Margaret, daughter of John Bowen Colthurst of Dripsey Castle, county Cork. Greer appears to have bought some of the Dripsey Castle estate of his brother in law which was first advertised for sale in October 1851. In the 1870s he is recorded as the owner of 930 acres in the county and his wife as the owner of 53 acres. Their daughter Georgina De Bellasis married Robert Walter Travers Bowen of Oakgrove in 1878 and took the additional name of Colthurst following the death of her uncle Joseph Colthurst in 1882 and in compliance with the provisions of his will.