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Browne (Coolcour)


Name Description
Browne (Coolcour) The Brownes were established at Coolcour/Coolcower, parish of Macroom, county Cork, from at least the early 18th century. Reverend Richard Browne of Coolcour bought some of the estate of the Earl of Clancarty in 1703. The will of Reverend Richard Browne of Coolcower is dated 1710 and that of his wife, Mary, in 1721. She mentions their five sons and two daughters. Their estate included Coolcour, Maglass, Dunderrick, Monehusker and Lackmaloe, all in the barony of Muskerry. Early in the 19th century John Browne married Mary Garde and they had two sons, William Garde Browne and John Garde Browne. At the time of Griffith's Valuation William G. Browne held land in the following parishes of the barony of West Muskerry, Inchigeelagh, Kilnamartery, Macloneigh and Macroom. In the 1870s W. Garde Browne of Coolcower House owned 1,699 acres. At the same time John Garde Browne of Passage, Cork owned an estate of 1,474 acres in the parish of Inchigeelagh. John G. Browne was a barrister and married Mary Frances, daughter of Major Croker of Lisfinny Castle, county Waterford, in January 1847.
Lindsey/Lindsay (Peake) This family were established in the Macroom area of county Cork by the mid 18th century. They were connected by marriage to such local families as Radley, Pyne, Crooke, Cross and Woodley. Thomas Lindsey of Monallig, parish of Cannaway, barony of East Muskerry, married Mary Brown of Coolcrower and one of their sons Henry married in 1786 Alice Crooke of Aghavrin. This couple settled at Peake and Catherine Lindsay who was the occupier of Peake at the time of Griffith's Valuation appears to be their granddaughter. At the time of Griffith's Valuation another Henry Lindsey held land in the parish of Magourney, barony of East Muskerry. In the 1870s Mary B. Lindsay of Peake owned 618 acres in county Cork while Henry Lindsey of Cork owned 465 acres and other family members owned smaller acreages. The estate of Henry John Philpott Lindsay at Meeshall, Deeshart and Tullig amounting to 374 acres in the barony of East Muskerry, was advertised for sale in November 1882 and July 1883. see