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Devonsher (Kilshannig)


Name Description
Devonsher (Kilshannig) Abraham Devonsher, the Cork banker and Member of Parliament for Rathcormac, county Cork, died without heirs in 1783 and his estate was inherited by his grand nephew John Newenham, who took the additional name of Devonsher. John Devonsher Newenham married Cornelia Schuyler and had a son Arbraham John Devonsher. Abraham J. Devonsher sold Kilshannig to the Roches when he ran into financial difficulties and at the time of Griffith's Valuation was resident at Mountain Lodge, Ballyda, Rathcormack. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Abraham Devonsher held an estate in the parishes of Gortroe, Rathcormack and Carrigtohill, barony of Barrymore, county Cork. In the 1870s Abraham John Devonshire owned 1,015 acres in county Cork.
Lukey At the time of Griffith's Valuation George Bevan Lukey held land in the parishes of Castlelyons and Clondulane, barony of Condons and Clangibbons, county Cork. In March 1852 lands at Kilbarry and Clondillane amounting to 306 acres near Fermoy town were advertised for sale, the estate of George Bevan Lukey of Clondillane. The Freeman's Journal reported that only one lot sold on that occasion; the purchaser was James O'Callaghan Fisher, in trust. Kilbarry was advertised again in 1855 by Lukey's assignee. Kilbarry was held on a lease dated 1813 from William Garde to George Lukey and Clondillane on a lease from Abraham Devonsher to George Lukey dated 1778.