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Stewart (Whitegate)


Name Description
Warren (Ballinruane) At the time of Griffith's Valuation the Warren estate was in the parishes of Ballingarry and Kilmeedy, barony of Connello Upper, county Limerick. In the 1870s Robert A. Warren (no address given) owned 1,516 acres in county Limerick. Robert Augustus Warren born 1822 was a barrister and the eldest son of Richard Benson Warren, Sergeant at Law, and a grandson of Robert Warren 1st Baronet of Warren's Court, county Cork. Norton writes that a daughter of Richard Benson Warren married James Robert Stewart of the land agency firm Stewart and Kincaid. This firm were agents for the Warren estate in county Limerick.
Fitzgerald/Penrose Fitzgerald (Corkbeg) In 1667 Garrett Fitzgerald was granted the castle, town and lands of Kilcorkbegg alias Corkbeg with other lands in the barony of Imokilly, county Cork. Robert Fitzgerald of Lisquinlan and Corkbeg, county Cork, settled his Corkbeg estate by deed dated 30 April 1715 and his Lisquinlan estate by his will dated 10 June 1718 on his grandnephew, Robert Uniacke, son of Thomas Uniacke, MP. Robert assumed the name of Fitzgerald and married Frances Judkin of Greenhills, county Tipperary as his first wife. They had two sons, the younger of whom became Sir Thomas Fitzgerald Judkin of Lisheen, county Tipperary in 1801. The elder son, Robert Uniacke Fitzgerald of Lisquinlan and Corkbeg, had one son, Robert Uniacke Fitzgerald, who married Gertrude, daughter of Thomas Lyon of Watercastle, Queen's County (Laois) and of Mount Blakeney but they had no children. Mrs Fitzgerald owned an estate in the parish of Kilbreedy Minor, barony of Coshma, county Limerick at the time of Griffith's Valuation. In 1794, R.U. Fitzgerald's eldest sister, Louisa, married James Penrose of Woodhill, county Cork. Their daughter, Anne Penrose, married Thomas Stewart and came to possess the Mount Blakeney estate and their son, Robert Uniacke Penrose-Fitzgerald, held land at the time of Griffith's Valuation in the parishes of Castlemagner, barony of Duhallow and Buttevant, barony of Orrery and Kilmore but the bulk of his estate was in the barony of Imokilly where he held land in at least seven parishes. In May 1852, 1,770 acres in the baronies of Barrymore, Orrery and Kilmore, Fermoy, Duhallow and Imokilly, county Cork, the estate of Robert Uniacke Penrose Fitzgerald was advertised for sale. In the 1870s his son, Robert U.Penrose Fitzgerald of Corkbeg, Whitegate, owned 5,307 acres in county Cork and 764 acres in Queen's County (Laois). In 1896 Robert U.P. Fitzgerald was created a baronet.
Stewart (Whitegate) In the 1870s Thomas B. Stewart of Whitegate House, Midleton, county Cork, owned 1,510 acres in county Limerick and 199 acres in county Tyrone. His wife Anne owned 80 acres in county Cork. She was a daughter of James Penrose of Woodhill, county Cork, He was the fourth son of Henry Stewart (died 1840) of Tyrcallen, county Donegal and of the land agency firm of Stewart and Kincaid and a grandson of William Stewart of Killymoon, county Tyrone. Stewart and Kincaid were agents for the Fitzgerald of Mount Blakeney estate in county Limerick and Norton writes that Thomas Stewart succeeded to the Mount Blakeney estate in 1855. His wife Anne Penrose was a niece of Robert Uniake Fitzgerald who was married to Gertrude Blakeney Lyon. Thomas Stewart assumed the additional names of Blakeney Lyon before Stewart and died in 1874. He was succeeded by his brother James Robert Stewart.
Blakeney (Mount Blakeney) ''Burke's Irish Family Records'' states that this family claim descent from the Blakeneys of Norfolk. William Blakeney was granted lands at Thomastown, parish of Kilbreedy Minor, barony of Coshma, county Limerick by patent of Charles II in 1666/7. His son William Blakeney of Mount Blakeney and Thomastown married Elizabeth Bowerman of Cooliney, county Cork and their eldest son was created 1st [and only] Baron Blakeney in 1756. The Baron's younger brother Robert Blakeney married Deborah daughter of Grice Smyth of Ballynatray, county Waterford in 1729. Although Robert had a number of sons it was the descendants of his daughter Gertrude who succeeded to the Mount Blakeney estate. In 1752 she married her cousin Colonel Robert Blakeney of Abbert, county Galway and their daughter married Thomas Lyon of Watercastle, Queen's County (Laois). Gertrude Blakeney Lyon married Robert Uniacke Fitzgerald of Corkbeg, county Cork and at the time of Griffith's Valuation she is recorded as the immediate lessor of Mount Blakeney (562 acres) and Thomastown (952 acres). Robert and Gertrude Fitzgerald did not have children and the property passed to a niece of Robert U. Fitzgerald's, Anne Stewart and her husband Thomas Stewart who took the additional names of Blakeney and Lyon.