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Blackall (Garden Hill)


Name Description
Blackall (Garden Hill) The Blackall family of Gardenhill, county Limerick was granted lands in the barony of Pubblebrien under the Acts of Settlement - about 800 acres in Ballymartin, Killonahan, Drumloghane, Ballyanraghmore and Dooneen. A branch of the family leased land in the parish of Killard, barony of Ibrickan, county Clare from the Westropp family and married into the Butler family of Doon. Two Blackall brothers Charles and George, sons of Thomas Blackall of Killard, married two sisters Elizabeth and Margery Burnell of Ranaghan, parish of Ruan, barony of Inchiquin, county Clare in 1772 and 1782. By the beginning of the 19th century the family had lost most of its landed property due to increasing encumbrances. Jonas Blackall of Gardenhill and of the city of Limerick (1811-1888) entered the legal profession. He is recorded as owning 230 acres in county Limerick in the 1870s. Captain N.G. Blackall held some untenanted land at Coolreiry, Castleconnell, in 1906.