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Leahy (Subulter)


Name Description
Leahy (Subulter) At the time of Griffith's Valuation Richard Leahy held land in the parishes of Kilbrin, Kilmeen and Subulter, barony of Duhallow and Kilmocomoge, barony of Bantry, county Cork. The lands of Ballybane, barony of Duhallow, were advertised for sale in March 1858, the estate of Christopher Hume Lawder, assignee of Richard Leahy, an insolvent debtor. These lands were leased to James Leahy in 1794 by Henry Wrixon. The Freeman's Journal reported that they were sold in trust to Mr. Creagh for over £1600. Further lands in the barony of Duhallow, at Keele and West Drumrastil, were advertised for sale in June 1859 by the official assignees of Richard Leahy, a deceased insolvent. These lands were held on leases from Richard Longfield, dated 1793 and 1795. In the 1870s the representatives of Richard Leahy owned 234 acres in the county.