Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Brabazon This family were descended from Sir Anthony Brabazon of Ballinasloe Castle, a younger brother of Sir Edward Brabazon, ancestor of the Earls of Meath. They acquired lands around Ballinasloe under the Composition of Connacht. Some of these estates were later forfeited as a result of the conversion to Catholicism of Anthony Brabazon. In Mayo their estate of circa 7000 acres was mainly in the parishes of Kilconduff and Meelick but also contained lands in the parishes of Templemore, Killasser and Attymass, barony of Gallen, county Mayo. Quinn writes that the estate was advertised for sale in 1850 but the family managed to retain it by borrowing. Almost 4000 acres of fee simple and leasehold estates in the baronies of Gallen and Costello, county Mayo and in the baronies of Moycarn, Castlereagh and Frenchpark, county Roscommon, were advertised in a further sale in October 1852. The purchasers included William Lewis, Hugh Higgins and Walter Duffy. In 1876 the Brabazons still owned 6857 acres in county Mayo though they had not resided at Swinford for many years. At the same time H.S. Brabazon held over 1200 acres in county Roscommon while Thomas Brabazon, of Brich Grove, Ballinasloe, owned over 400 acres in the same county. The estate was sold to the Congested Districts' Board on 5 Mar 1914. They inherited the Glencorrib estate of the Higgins in the early 20th century. See and
Kelly (Midfield) At the time of the first Ordnance Survey in the 1830s Kellys held part of Longfield in the parish of Templemore, barony of Gallen, county Mayo, by lease from Sir William H. Palmer to the heirs of Patrick Kelly. Mrs Kelly resided at Longfield House. Patrick Kelly, a middleman, also held Treanlaur, in the parish of Kilconduff, barony of Gallen, leased from Sir William Brabazon.
Higgins (Westport) According to Burke's Landed Gentry the Higgins or O'Higgins family had been extensive landowners in Connacht until they lost their estates under Cromwell. Their estates were partially restored in the reign of Charles II but lost again at the end of the 17th century following the death of Colonel Hugh O'Higgins at the siege of Athlone in 1690. His widow and son Charles settled at Moyna, Co Mayo, part of the estate of the Brownes of Westport. In 1749 Charles Higgins, grandson of the previously mentioned Charles, married Mary Fitzgerald of Turlough, Castlebar. The Higgins family continued to hold property in the town of Westport from the Marquessess of Sligo in the 19th century. One member of the family Charles Fitzgerald Higgins went bankrupt in the mid 1850s. In 1866 he sold his property at Streamstown, parish of Oughaval, which he held from the Earl of Lucan. In 1851 the Higgins family bought part of the Glencorrib estate, which was sold by Arthur Dillon Browne following the death of his father Robert in 1850 and the townland of Ballynalty from the sale of the Cannon estate by John Fair. Like Robert Dillon Browne, George Gore Ouseley Higgins represented county Mayo in Parliament. He died in 1874 and after the death in 1903 of his sister, a nun in the Ursuline Convent, Cork, the estate was inherited by his cousin, General John Palmer Brabazon, a member of the Brabazon family of Brabazon Park, Swinford. It was sold in 1921 to the Land Commission.