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Delmege The French "Palatine" family of Delmege or Dolmage were settled at Rathkeale in county Limerick in the early 18th century and acquired a considerable amount of property. By the end of the 18th century their main residence was at Castle Park near the city of Limerick. Tobias Delmege resided at Court Lodge in the parish of Rathkeale circa 1840. At the time of Griffith’s Valuation Christopher T. Delmege held three townlands in the parish of St Munchins, barony of Bunratty Lower, county Clare. At the same time his county Limerick estate was located in the parishes of Clonagh, Kilbradran and Nantinan, barony of Connello Lower, Rathronan, barony of Shanid, Mahoonagh, barony of Glenquin and St Munchins, barony of North Liberties of Limerick. In 1853 he bought the Yielding estate near Croom. He was married to Martha, daughter of John Yielding of Glenastar. In the early 1850s the Reverend John Delmege held lands in the parishes of Croom and Adare, barony of Coshma, county Limerick and in the 1870s his representatives owned 525 acres in the county. Lands in the barony of Coshma, amounting to 350 acres, were advertised for sale in November 1875. In the 1870s John Christopher Delmege owned 1,641 acres in county Clare, 3,066 acres in county Limerick and 77 acres in county Cork. His Glensharrold estate was the scene of large scale public attention during the tenant right agitation of the 1880s. Lands in the barony of Clare, county Galway, owned by Julius A. Delemge and Mary Agnes Kelly, were sold in the Landed Estates Court in January 1872. They were purchased in trust by W. Keating Clay, Charles O'Farrell, Thomas Kearney and John Blake. The head of the Delmege family was resident in Australia in the 1970s.
Stephenson (Curraheen) At the time of Griffith's Valuation Standish Stevenson held a townland in the parish of Rathronan, barony of Shanid, county Limerick. In June 1866 the rental of Ballyvoghan, barony of Connello Lower [Shanid], was advertised for sale, the estate of John and Richard Stephenson, James Darling Wilson and Robert Cox. Part of this property was a "capital dairy farm" leased to John Christopher Delmege. Three Stephensons owned small acreages in county Limerick in the 1870s. Ellen Leake Stephenson widow of Standish died on 3 December 1880 and Lloyd Langford Stephenson son of the late Richard Stephenson of Curraheen, county LImerick, died in 1886. A court case Stephenson v Royse in the Court of Chancery 1856 gives a detailed history of this family and their land holding see "The Irish Jurist", Vol IX (1857), p.69.