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Evans (Knockaderry) The Reverend Thomas Waller Evans was the second son of Thomas Evans of Miltown Castle, county Cork and younger brother of Eyre Evans of Ash Hill Towers, county Limerick. In 1763 he married Catherine, daughter of James Conyers D'Arcy of Knockaderry House, county Limerick, sole heiress of her brother, Colonel James D'Arcy. Their grandson, Thomas D'Arcy Evans, held land in the parishes of Clonelty, Grange and Killeedy, barony of Glenquin, and Corcomohide, barony of Connello Upper, county Limerick at the time of Griffith's Valuation. The D'Arcy Evans also held land in the parishes of Kilmeen, barony of Duhallow and Kilbolane, barony of Orrery and Kilmore, county Cork. Lands belonging to Thomas D. Evans in counties Limerick and Cork were advertised for sale in July 1851. The county Cork lands at Knockaclarig, barony of Duhallow, were held under a lease from Nicholas Lysaght to Edward Darcy dated 8 May 1712. In November 1859, over 300 acres in the barony of East Carbery , the property of Thomas Waller Eyre Evans, were offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court. The petitioner to the sale was John D'Arcy Evans. The latter had offered over 500 acres of his estate in counties Cork and Limerick for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court in April 1857. Some of this property was purchased by John G. Daunt while other lots were bought back by D'Arcy Evans. Thomas D'Arcy Evans of Knockaderry owned 1,170 acres in county Cork and 875 acres in county Limerick in the 1870s. His younger brother, John Darcy Evans of Clontarf, county Dublin, owned 509 acres in county Cork. In the 1870s Thomas D'Arcy Evans and his wife, Thomasina Eliza (Reeves of Belfort), held 427 acres in common with Mrs Margaret Leyne, Wilson Gun and Charles Evans of Limerick and his wife. This land in the baronies of Clanwilliam and Coshlea, county Limerick, was advertised for sale in February 1876 with lands in the town of Charleville and the demesne of Belfort.
Reeves (Belfort) The Reeves of Belfort, Charleville, county Cork, were descended from John Reeves of Cloyne, county Cork, who, in 1742, married Margaret Boles. Their son, Boles Reeves, lived at Belfort, as did their grandson, John Boles Reeves, who married Anne Fosbery in 1807. They had two daughters, Thomasina, who married Thomas D'Arcy Evans of Knockaderry, county Limerick and Belinda, who married George Gun. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the representatives of John Boles Reeves and others held land in the parish of Clonkeen, barony of Clanwilliam, county Limerick and at Rathgoggan Middle, barony of Orrery and Kilmore, county Cork, where Kennedy Ryan had substanial flour mills and houses. Part of Belfort demesne, premises and land in Charleville, county Cork and land (429 acres) in county Limerick, the estate of members of the Raymond, Leyne, Gun, Evans and other families, was advertised for sale in February 1876. 43 acres at Belfort, the estate of Anne Sullivan, was advertised for sale in March 1883. These properties had been part of the Reeves estate. see's_family_tree.htm