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Brasier (Rivers & Ballyellis) A family of French origin who settled in the north of Ireland in the early 17th century. Paul Brasier was granted lands under the Acts of Settlement in various counties and in 1719 a private act of Parliament was passed for settling the estates of his son, Colonel Kilner Brasier. The Colonel's son, Kilner Brasier of Rivers, parish of Stradbally, barony of Clanwilliam, county Limerick, was a made a Freeman of the city and the family settled in the Limerick locality. Brazier of Rivers is marked on the Taylor and Skinner map of the late 18th century but only the remains of an estate is marked on the first Ordnance Survey map. In 1779 Alderman Kilner Brooke Brasier married Mary, daughter and heiress of John Creagh of Creagh Castle, Doneraile, county Cork and they had five sons and five daughters. Their eldest son, Brooke Brasier of Ballyellis, county Cork, married Ellen, daughter and co heiress of Henry Mitchell of Mitchellsfort, county Cork. Their second son succeeded to Mitchellsfort. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the Brasier estate was in the parishes of Caherelly, Killeenagarriff and Kilmurry in the Barony of Clanwilliam. In the 1870s Brooke Richard Brasier of Ballyellis, Mallow, county Cork, owned 1,575 acres in county Limerick, 246 acres in county Cork and 288 acres in county Tipperary. Part of the lands of Ballyellis, the estate of Mountifort Giles Tooker and Hugo Tooker, in the occupation of the representatives of Kilner Brazier, was advertised for sale in June 1879.
Creagh/Brasier Creagh In 1779 Alderman Kilner Brooke Brasier of Rivers and Ballyvoir, Lisard, county Limerick married Mary, daughter and heiress of John Creagh, medical doctor, of Creagh Castle, Doneraile, county Cork. They had five sons and five daughters. Their second son, John, assumed the additional name of Creagh on succeeding to Creagh Castle in 1802. In 1801 he had married Elizabeth, only child and heiress of Charles Widenham of Castle Widenham, Castletownroche, county Cork. They had an only daughter who married Henry Mitchell Smyth of the Ballynatray, county Waterford family. John's brothers, William Johnson Brasier Creagh and George Washington Brasier Creagh, succeeded him respectively at Creagh Castle. At the time of Griffith's Valuation George W. Brasier Creagh's estate was located in the county Cork parishes of Clonfert, barony of Duhallow, Dromdowney, barony of Orrery and Kilmore, Donaghmore, barony of East Muskerry and Castletownroche, Doneraile and Wallstown, barony of Fermoy. In July 1858 lands belonging to George W. Brasier Creagh in the north suburbs of Cork city, in the liberties of Limerick city and head rent of 1,785 acres in the barony of Glenarought, county Kerry, were advertised for sale. In January 1868 land leased to George Meyler at South Killowen, barony of Duhallow, by George W. Brasier Creagh was advertised for sale. George Washington Brasier Creagh owned 2,873 acres in county Cork in the 1870s.
Mitchell (Mitchellsfort) Originally a Quaker family who came to Cork from Bristol in the mid 17th century. Thomas Mitchell was granted a 2,000 acre estate in the Watergrasshill locality, north of Cork city in the 1680s. Thomas married twice and the Mitchellsfort branch of the family are descended from his son Joshua and the Aghadda branch from Joshua's half brother Thomas. Joshua's descendant Henry Brasier Mitchell held an estate in the parishes of Ardnageehy and Kilquane, barony of Barrymore, county Cork in the mid 19th century. He was the second son of Brooke Brazier of Bally Ellis, county Cork, and his wife Ellen daughter and co heiress of Henry Mitchell of Mitchellsfort, county Cork. He assumed the additional name of Mitchell when he succeeded to Mitchellsfort. In November 1861 the estate of Henry B. Mitchell at Mitchellsfort and Barnardstown, barony of Barrymore, amounting to 1,245 acres was advertised for sale. In the 1870s Henry B. Mitchell of Leimroy Castle, Bangor, Wales owned 557 acres in county Cork.