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Compton (Limerick)


Name Description
Compton (Willsgrove) A manuscript in the Genealogical Office records suggests that properties at Ballyfinegan and Willsgrove, county Roscommon, were owned by the Compton family in the eighteenth century.
Compton (Limerick) The Compton of Court, county Limerick, entry in the General Armory (1884) refers to a relationship with the Comptons of Willsgrove, county Roscommon and with the Widenhams of Court, county Limerick. The Comptons held some land in county Limerick in the 19th century. A fragment of a receiving rental of Henry Compton, relating to tenants of properties in Bunlickey, Camheen, Glen, Ballinacurra and High Street, Limerick, from Dec 1836 to Jan 1838, is held in the Limerick City Archives. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the representatives of Captain Henry Compton held land in the parish of Mungret, barony of Pubblebrien. In March 1852 the estate of Cecilia Fitzgerald, trustee named in the will of Henry Compton, was advertised for sale. The estate amounted to 182 acres at Ballinacurra (Bowman), borough of Limerick, the castle, town and lands of Glin, barony of Shanid and Camheen, barony of Pubblebrien. Francis Compton of Dame Street, Dublin, owned 185 acres in county Limerick in the 1870s. It is clear from the will of Walter Widenham of Limerick dated 1797 that all the Compton lands originally belonged to the Widenham family and came into the possession of the Compton family under the terms of Walter's will.