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Bennett (Coachford)


Name Description
Bennett (Coachford) Francis Bennett, of Classes, Coachford and Greganes Manor, Roscarbery, was the owner of over 2800 acres in county Cork in the 1870s. He was among the principal lessors in the parishes of Kilmacabea, barony of West Carbery and Kilmeen and Templequinlan, barony of East Carbery, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Joseph Bennett held several townlands in the parish of Lislee, barony of Ibane & Barryroe. Over 1600 acres of Joseph Bennett's estate, held in perpetuity from the Archbishop of Dublin and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court in February 1853. Bennett's tenants at the time included members of the Biggs, Tuckey and Jervois families. In April 1874 over 300 acres of George Bennett's estate at Dunworly in the barony of Ibane and Barryroe was offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court.