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Furlong (Ballydonnell)


Name Description
Furlong (Ballydonnell) In the mid 1820s the Reverend Fitzgerald refers to Ballydonnell, the seat of Thomas Furlong, parish of Mahoonagh, barony of Glenquin, county Limerick. At the time of Griffith's Valuation William Furlong held land in the parishes of Nantinan, barony of Connello Upper and Mahoonagh, barony of Glenquin, In January 1863 the rental of the estate of William Furlonge at Ballydonnell and at Kilberry, barony of East Division of East Carberry, county Cork, a total of 680 acres, was advertised for sale. William Furlong of Coolalta, parish of Cannaway, barony of East Muskerry, is mentioned by Lewis in 1837.