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White (Greenhall & Abbeyville)


Name Description
White (Greenhall & Abbeyville) This family share a common ancestry with the Whites of Kilmoylan, county Limerick. Benjamin White was a younger brother of John White of Cappaghwhite, county Tipperary. He was born in 1682 and married Catherine Finch (or Waller) and had a son, Henry White of Greenhall and New Ross, county Tipperary. In November 1765 ''Faulkner's Dublin Journal'' records the marriage of Henry White to his second wife, Elizabeth Maunsell of Macollop Castle. ''Burke's Irish Family Records'' states that they were the ancestors of the Whites of Greenhall, county Tipperary and Mainster and Abbeyville, county Limerick. ''The Hibernian Magazine'' of 1775 records the marriage of Richard White of Greenhall and Miss O'Donnell of Clonmoney, county Clare. The Ordnance Survey Name Books record Mrs. White of Dublin as the owner of property in the parish of Abington in 1840. In April 1851 the Greenhall estate comprised of 424 acres in the barony of Owney and Arra, belonging to Richard White and others, was advertised for sale. It was purchased by Edward White. The Freeman's Journal reported that it was purchased by Timothy O'Brien for over £1000.