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Name Description
Coll The Coll family held a small estate in the parish of Dromin, barony of Coshma, county Limerick in the 19th century, centred on their residence Maidstown Castle. In 1795 Patrick Coll of Clogher and Maidstown Castle married Sally Frazer of Ballynamuddagh, Dromin and they had three sons and three daughters. The sons were Owen Coll of Ballynamuddagh (1796-1866), Robert Coll of Bruff (1798-1860) and Patrick Coll of Maidstown (1800-1885). In the 1870s Patrick Coll of Maidstown, Bruree, owned 403 acres and Patrick Coll, junior, of Ballinamuddagh, Bruree, owned 170 acres in county Limerick. Robert Coll born at Maidstown in 1854 was a successful athlete and chairman of Limerick County Council 1902-1905.