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Browning (Cos Waterford & Limerick)


Name Description
Browning (Cos Waterford & Limerick) The Brownings were a Gloucestershire family who settled in county Waterford in the late 17th century. In 1785 Thomas Browning of Richmond, county Waterford, married Jane Norris of Limerick. Their son, Jeffrey Browning, purchased Carass Court, parish of Croom, county Limerick, from Lord Carbery, and this house was the family's main residence for the 19th century. Jeffrey Browning married his cousin Francis Roche, sister of Sir David Roche 1st baronet, and had 19 children. In the 1870s Emily Browning of Carass Court owned 228 acres in county Limerick while her son Thomas W. Browning also of Carass Court owned 238 acres in county Limerick, 238 acres in county Cork and 898 acres in county Waterford. Thomas Browning was among the principal lessors in the parish of Rossmire, barony of Decies-without=Drum in that county in 1851. Sadleir notes an earlier member of the family, Samuel Browning, as "of Affane" in 1775, who was connected with the Musgraves. The estate of Hull Stephen Browning, a member of this family, at Clonpriest, barony of Imokilly, was advertised for sale in July 1871. The Brownings had inherited Clonpriest through marriage with the Haymans.